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Woman Drinks Pure Vanilla Extract, Charged With DUI  CBS Pittsburgh

So they put a trail camera in the woods near Myoma and Carriage Hill roads. “In the same day, we got pictures of the subject throwing litter out, which was vanilla extract bottles,” Adams Township assistant chief Robert Scanlon said. From the pictures, police got a description of an SUV and the license plate number. The next step was catching the driver. “I believe the sergeant was out one day, and he observed the car,” Scanlon said. “He made a traffic stop and subsequently arrested the woman for DUI.” The driver is identified as 61-year-old Mary Ranker from Cranberry. Police say Ranker said she had two vanillas, about seventy proof alcohol that she was drinking from an eight-ounce bottle. She also had five more two-ounce bottles in her car. Greg Betant lives nearby.

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