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"These explosions hurt the business. They shake the billiard tables and make them imbalanced," he said. The fighting has already caused widespread destruction. U.S.-led airstrikes have demolished scores of buildings and left huge craters that destroyed roads. Rooftops have collapsed into the bottom floors. Other buildings have gaping holes from rockets or machinegun fire. Mortar bombs still land in the city and gunfire is heard. Across from Younes' billiard hall stands what's left of Mosul University, once one of the finest education institutions in the Middle East. Islamic State sold the university's ancient manuscripts and imposed its own form of education, banning philosophy books. When the army arrived, the jihadists burned down many of its buildings, leaving piles of ashes.

Then I had this moment in the sixth grade, where I felt like I should have been prepared knowing how to be a girla cute girl, which for me meant that I could become a successful girl. My experience of girlhood was me suddenly becoming conscious of this, and being dismissive of my former self, which was one that was more free, and more loving, and self confident. Ive spent the rest of my life trying to gain that confidence back. In Mythos, you mentioned love it your experiences in the modeling and fashion industries inspired you to start the magazine. Yes. The idea actually started in high school. I knew I wanted to do something vaguely surrounding femininity, and that was honest in not trying to sell stuff. When I started modeling, I was very, kind of like, internally torturedI had experiences with eating disorders and I was like, wow, I am propagating this now? And I was very conscious, when shooting for companies, that they just were just selling stuff by making girls feel bad about their lives. Growing up, I also loved reading magazines, Seventeen and Girls Life, especially when I was a kid.

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