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Aubrey couple turns hobby into business with custom online furniture store Rustic 9

After Tino was dissatisfied with a coffee table he made for their home, he put it up for sale on Craigslist, where it sold within five hours. The two realized the potential their homemade furniture had, especially after Krystal noticed how difficult it was to find affordable, properly sized wood pieces for her home. They began taking custom requests and rolling out news of the business in Facebook groups, on Etsy and by word of mouth. After a year of building furniture part time, the volume of business became too much for Tino. Then, he was laid off from his full-time job. He took the opportunity to consider a new possibility: working for himself. Tino told Krystal he’d prefer to go full time with what, until then, had been the couple’s limited foray into furniture. They agreed Tino should follow his ambitions. “It was the scariest decision we’ve ever made,” Krystal said. Tino began working on furniture full time, while Krystal helped with design, promotions, sales and logistics.

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