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I was able to sucker one of the local cops into trying to help me, but he didn't want to put his hands around the alligator's mouth, which is understandable. Another way to catch an alligator is to try to outweigh them by jumping on their back, so I talked this poor cop into jumping on to the back of this alligator with me. The trick is you put all your weight down and sit completely down on the alligator. Well, the officer didn't and he kind of just danced around the alligator which any untrained person probably would. The alligator didn't like that, so he started wiggling around, trying to get away. I knew instantly this was not going กระเป๋าเป้ mcm to work, so I stood up to back off and the alligator swatted me with his tail and made me fall on my bottom right there beside his un-taped mouth. Media captionChristy Kroboth and police officer in action in the car park We were all worn out from trying to catch this alligator for four hours, the parking lot was getting busy and stores were starting to open so I had to make the decision to call in a game warden. I got very sad because game wardens usually don't come out and catch alligators, game wardens usually come out and kill alligators. We had to borrow a forklift to pick the alligator up and load him in to my buddy's truck I went to my car and I started crying because I'd been defeated by this animal. I called the game warden and he said, "Christy, stop crying. I am going to come help you.

He and Pantelakos met through mutual friends while she and husband Steve were on vacation. "I can't tell you why he picked me,'' she said, but I'm so glad he did.'' Pantelakos was responsible for everything that would go into the shop from the tiniest bikinis to the substantial zebra wood furnishings. She started by booking a spot for herself for Miami Swim Week, which offers a tidal wave of runway shows, trade shows and parties each July. "I had no credentials,'' Pantelakos said. "I said, hey, I'm going to need a business card.'' +8 Fayetteville fashion blogger Teri Pantelakos models a dress by designer Camilla. Contributed photo It helps that Pantelakos is no fish out of water when it comes to fashion. She earned a degree in fashion merchandising from Meredith College, worked for a time as an interior decorator, did home shows for a clothing line and has a fashion blog known as trendingteri. One of her favorite things has always been to help others select just the right outfit for any occasion. "I love finding that item that no one else would think about,'' she said. She was a stay-at-home mom for years when her sons Winston and Wesley were growing up, but now they are 21 and 20 and away at college. It was the perfect time to spend a year largely on the road, traveling between Fayetteville and the Caribbean and searching for the perfect pieces for the boho-chic look that fits the yachting community.

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