Drone It is believed to be the first time a drone pilot has been given a jail sentence. The incident happened during Seattle's 2015 Pride Parade. According to the police, the 18in (45cm) by 18in drone crashed into a building and fell into the crowd, injuring two people. Judge Willie Gregory said he acknowledged that the incident was an accident but added that the pilot had "engaged in conduct that put people in danger of being injured". Close calls Prosecutor Pete Holmes said the faulty operation of drones was a "serious public-safety issue that will only get worse" and more prosecutions could follow. Ravi ชุดเจ้าสาว Vaidyanathan, a drone expert from Imperial College London, said he was "not aware of anything previously resulting in jail time". He said it was inevitable more accidents would follow and called on the regulatory bodies that governed drone use to provide "a consistent set of guidelines on usage". "In the US, there are rules for commercial use but different ones for hobbyists," he said. "In the UK, rules are governed by the size of aircraft, so in my understanding anything under 20kg [3st 2lb] can be flown without regulation.

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She was determined to drop the extra pounds three babies worth of weight packed onto her face, arms and tummy. ALSO SEE: Mom shares before and after pregnancy belly shots as cheers to mummy tummy I did the waist training, I did the no sugar cleanse, I did the protein shakes, I did the fitness classes, I did the magical, fat burning wraps. My ass wasnt ชุดแต่งงานไทย budging. As the weeks ticked down to the wedding and my arm-ginas were still plump, I started practicing posing in the mirror, she wrote. She practiced sucking in her mommy tummy, and popping out her elbows to make her arms look slimmer; she would jut out her hip to make her waist look shapelier. I was especially obsessed with my face, Amie wrote. I would look at every angle, trying to memorize how exactly to stick my tongue to the roof of my mouth so that my double chin would single out for our photos. ALSO SEE: Fitness bloggers post-baby belly rolls smash unrealistic expectations for new moms About a week before the wedding, Amie fell ill with what she believed to be a sinus infection she describes her sinuses as being so sore that she had a permanent migraine traveling up the left side of her nose. A doctor prescribed her antibiotics for the stubborn sinus infection. Despite the antibiotics, I woke up three days before the wedding with a swollen face. Mildly at first, but as the day progressed, so did my cheek. I continued on to my hair appointment, my nail appointment, my wedding errandsbut by that evening I was in so much pain that I had to cancel my bachelorette party. Amie wrote that her face got so swollen that it significantly affected her speech; and her left eye wouldnt open up all the way. Two days before the wedding she was admitted to the emergency room. It turns out that it was a tooth abscess Amie wrote that it was so aggressive that it had eaten through her gum tissue and the bone that separated her mouth from her sinuses.

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