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In line with earlier comments by federal and industry officials suggesting widespread voice communications would pose unacceptable problems and privacy concerns for many passengers, the agency indicated it continues to mull whether to slap an outright ban on Wi-Fi-enabled phone calls affecting all flights through U.S. airspace, including foreign airlines serving U.S. cities. DOT began seeking public input on this topic more than two years ago, noting on Thursday that a substantial majority of individual commenters expressed opposition to voice calls on the grounds that they are disturbing, particularly in the confined space of an aircraft cabin. Still, if some U.S. carriers conclude they can embrace the potential for additional revenue without alienating too many customers, Thursdays move could end up opening the door to optional services that over the years have been deemed highly objectionable by many fliers. Numerous airlines in Europe, parts of Asia and the Middle East offer voice communications. The U.S. now bans all conventional cellular systems. Historically, the ban was supposed to prevent interference with cellphone towers on the ground.