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In its debut report, the cross-party select committee on leaving the EU - set up in the wake of last year's Brexit vote - made a number of other recommendations, including: The rights of EU nationals in the UK and vice versa must be an "early priority" in talks Parliament and devolved assemblies must be kept "fully informed" once talks begin Border arrangements between Northern Ireland and the Republic must be settled The civil service must be "properly resourced" to deliver Brexit Co-operation in defence, security and justice should continue Under pressure from Labour, the SNP, Plaid Cymru and some Conservative MPs, the government agreed to set out its primary negotiating objectives before the process begins. While not expecting ministers to compromise their negotiating hand, the committee said clear positions on the customs union and the single market were needed. And any economic assessments carried out on the options relating to market membership and access should be made public, it said. The prime minister has rejected suggestions that the UK faces a choice between a "hard Brexit" - with greater trade flexibility but the prospect of tariffs and customs duties - and a "soft Brexit" where continued market access would come with obligations to the continued free movement of people and to the European Court of Justice. 'Hugely complex' EU leaders have said membership of the single market would be incompatible with immigration restrictions, which Mrs May has indicated will be a priority. Labour MP Hilary Benn, who chairs the committee, said it would be "difficult" to reconcile the two. "This is going to be a hugely complex task and the outcome will affect us all. The government needs to publish its Brexit plan by mid February at the latest, including its position on membership of the single market and the customs union, so that it can be scrutinised by Parliament and the public." Negotiations on the UK's divorce terms and the basis of its future relationship with the EU should be conducted at the same time, Mr Benn said. Image copyright PA Image caption Hilary Benn says MPs must be kept "fully informed" As a "bare minimum", he said by the time of the UK's departure, a "clear framework" for the future of trade with the EU should be in sight.

With continued use, itshould disappear. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Unless you live in a bubble, you need a vitamin C serum in your skincare regime. SkinCeuticals sets the gold standard with their C E Ferulic. This stuff isnt cheap, but it really works to counter environmental damage. Bonus: one application keeps working for up to 72 hours. Use it in the morning, underneath your moisturizer. Paulas Choice RESIST 10% Niacinamide Booster If you havent heard of Niacinamide before, youre in for a treat. This serum from Paulas Choice delivers all kinds of lovely benefits, from smaller looking pores and smoother skin, to brightening and reduced redness. A must-have for sensitive skins. Use it at night and wake up looking refreshed.

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