Caters Caters McKee pours on the gas. Caters McKee pours on the gas. Caters McKee's dress goes up in flames. Caters McKee's dress goes up in flames. Caters Katlynn McKee Caters Katlynn McKee Caters A Chicago woman whose marriage went up in flames celebrated the split by lighting her dress on fire. Katlynn McKee, a hairdresser from Illinois, was married to her husband for four years before theyparted ways last summer. My relationship wasnt a good one, so it was a relief to finally be free, said the 25-year-old, who has a 6-year-old daughter. After researching the trash the dress trend, McKee enlisted the help of her wedding photographer to take racy photos of her destroying her $1,500 gown. We went out to this little area with mud and water, and I had a bottle of wine and a gas canister in a basket. I got into the water in my dress so it was really dirty, then started ripping it up, McKee told Caters News. McKee stripped all the way down to her underwear and chugged a bottle of wine as her white dress turned to ash.

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