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The anchor big question is: Will this tough talk and decidedly undiplomatic behavior work? The easy or cop out answer is "time will tell." But we do have some actual evidence to work with to provide a bit of a better answer than that. History tells us that more blunt talk in American diplomacy often works wonders. It worked when Ronald Reagan made it clear that his administration was going to ditch the murky policy of Detente in favor of a "we win, they lose" strategy against Soviet expansion and influence. But it didn't work as well when President George W. Bush spoke about how terrorist nations and nations that harbored terrorists were one in the same. That was basically the message that led to the Iraq War, which didn't achieve its promised goals despite the fact that most Americans were mobilized to support it at first. President Obama's clearly stated "red line" on chemical weapons use in Syria has produced almost nothing but more confusion and international outrage. So what we learn about provocative talk in foreign policy is that it's only likely to work if the presidents or diplomats saying it actually walk the walk after talking that talk.

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by plane, boat or raft. Many Cubans died on the ocean trip to South Florida. The ones that made it to Miami took a largely, and vehemently, anti-Castro stance. "He should not be revered. He should be reviled," said U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican who was born in Cuba. Some people said the election of Donald Trump as president could lead to a tougher stance against the Havana government that might hasten change. "I hope that Trump takes a hard line against the Castro regime," said Henry Marinello, 60, who left Cuba as a child in 1961, On New Year's Eve every year, Cubans in Miami utter a toast in Spanish as they hoist glasses of liquor: "Next year in Cuba." But as the Cuban exiles aged, and as Castro outlived them, and as U.S. President Barack Obama eroded the embargo and younger Cubans returned to the island, the toast rang silent in many households. News of Castro's death was long anticipated by the exiles.

In Engs house, his rules applied. Despite the twins success as farmers and family men they werent immune to scrutiny and prejudice. Haynes believes they accepted any discrimination reluctantly, but as a necessary part of being an American. Even though they were respected for their intelligence, industry, business success, honesty and generosity (especially during and after the Civil War when their neighbors and debtors had no money to repay loans or pay for services, and were allowed to repay when they could) - they were still considered "different." There are lots of stories, but one I recall is that when they were on the exhibition circuit a man shook my great-grandfathers hand and squeezed it to hurt him. Chang socked him and the man pressed charges. He was arrested but they said they couldnt put him in jail because Eng could sue for false arrest. The charges were dropped. The twins died in 1874 at the age of 63. Chang, who became an alcoholic later in life, died first from a blood clot and Eng passed away a few days later. Haynes pulled out a letter from one of Changs daughters to one of his sons.

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