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California bullet train picks its path between Burbank and Palmdale

California bullet train picks its path between Burbank and Palmdale “No route is perfect,” she said in a web address that did not take news media questions. The route beat out two other potential paths that would have cut deeper into the national forest and potentially had great effects on water resources as a result of deep tunnels in ancient aquifers. The route following the 14 is the easiest and fastest to build, Boehm added, noting that the geology along the route was better for tunneling. The selection was not based on cost, though risk and ease of construction was a factor. One of the biggest challenges of the entire bullet train project is the passage it will have to make over the San Gabriel and Tehachapi mountains, which could cost between $26 billion and $45 billion, according to the rail authority’s 2018 business plan. The preferred route through the San Gabriels includes a 13-mile and a 7-mile tunnel — part of the most ambitious tunneling project in U.S. history. https://louisplowden.wordpress.com Because the rail authority lacks funding for the job, it has delayed that part of the project, meaning the state’s largest city will be the last to be connected in the Los Angeles-to-San Francisco system. The route will probably face stiff opposition in a number of communities along the way, which have demanded over the last two years that the entire passage from Burbank to Palmdale be underground. Santa Clarita Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem Marsha McLean said she was disappointed that the route maps released Wednesday do not provide adequate detail to understand their exact effects on neighborhoods. The route would emerge from its southernmost tunnel at Branford Street near San Fernando Road in Pacoima, a business area north of a high school and a hospital.

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Review: 'The Storyteller' spins an unconvincing fairy tale Cassidy Mack, left, and Brooklyn Rae Silzer in the film "The Storyteller." (Indie Rights) “Everything happens for a reason,” says one of the characters in this feeble feel-good movie that blends childhood trauma, “Peter Pan” and dementia into its family friendly tale. While “The Storyteller” aspires to be a feature-length Hallmark card, it only manages dollar-store sentimentality in its plot and platitudes. Led by a small fairy out of the forest, young Abby (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) seemingly appears out of nowhere at a retirement home, but aging Rosemary (Constance Towers) thinks she is the sister she lost as a youngster. While child services tries to figure out where she came from, Abby stays with Rosemary’s granddaughter Maggie (Samantha Colburn), bringing little more than her copy of J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan” to her new, temporary home. Maggie and her angsty adopted daughter Jen (Cassidy Mack) struggle to find common ground, but Abby’s kind, calming manner and her love for music bring them together. Director and co-writer Joe Crump has assembled a solid cast for his narrative feature debut, but there’s only so much they can do with the script written with Rachel Noll. Full of jumbled themes and ideas, the earnest drama tries too hard and accomplishes too little. “The Storyteller” blames the viewer’s cynicism if they’re not inclined to clap and say, “I do believe in fairies,” but the problem actually lies in its own inability to offer a credible narrative.

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